Rhodes island, greece

About Rhodes

According to Greek mythology, Rhodes rose out of the sea as a gift to the sun god, Helios, who bathed it in light and this resulted in its title as Island of the Sun.  Rhodes still enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other Greek island.  Whitewashed houses gleam under endless blue skies while crystal clear seas lap the island’s sandy beaches.  The view of the village of Lindos with its houses spilling down the hillside to the sandy bay like sugar cubes is one of the most photographed in all Greece. 

Summer seems to last forever on Rhodes, the largest and greenest of the Dodecanese islands.  The tranquil beaches, the simple pleasures of a slower pace of life and the rejuvenating properties of fresh air, sparkling, refreshing seas and the Mediterranean diet make it the perfect location for relaxing and recharging your batteries.

Rhodes harbour

To say that Rhodes is just a destination for sun, sand and sea holidays would be to ignore the magic of the history and mythology which is so much a part of its past and has formed so much of present day culture.  At the crossroads of Western and Eastern civilisations throughout its history, the island has a richly fascinating heritage.  The town has been inhabited for more than 2400 years and during its history was part of both the Roman and Byzantine empires before being conquered by the Knights of St John and then controlled by Ottoman and Italian rulers. 

The capital and main port, Rhodes Town, is the biggest lived-in mediaeval city in Europe, still fully encircled by walls miles long and full of buildings unchanged since the crusading Knights put them there. 

The island has a huge number of interesting archaeological sites, including ancient cities, castles and temples.  The countryside is truly spectacular and amazingly varied and is dotted with villages and monasteries where life continues as it has done for centuries. 
Rhodes caters for everyone in terms of nightlife and entertainment.  There is a huge selection of traditional Greek tavernas all around the island, offering simply prepared, mouth-wateringly fresh local produce and local wines.  The fish tavernas in seaside villages are hard to beat if you’re looking for fresh fish or seafood. 

Rhodes Town has some first class restaurants as well as a large range of bars, cafes and nightclubs and even a casino.  The island’s climate makes it ideal for cultivating vines and the island’s main vintner has won awards for several of its wines. 


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